Client Feedback

"Len Levy worked diligently to achieve a settlement in a very difficult case. Mediation is more than just a settlement of numbers; it is about both sides achieving what they perceive to be a fair result. In my case, it could not have been accomplished by the lawyers alone. Thanks Len."

James A. Gallo, Esq.

"Leonard Levy is terrific! He's fair, smart, very conscientious, eminently reasonable, and has great demeanor and rapport with clients and counsel.

"This settlement could not have been achieved without the untiring efforts of Mr. Levy. He listened patiently for hours at a time, and maintained a calm and thoughtful demeanor throughout the sometimes tense and emotional negotiations. He was sensitive to our clients' anxieties about their loss and the legal process, and he displayed a genuine concern for Mrs. M....'s health and well-being. Mr. Levy was also very knowledgeable about the law, and explained the various procedural and substantive issues to both sides in simple but forceful terms. In conducting the negotiations, he was firm and evenhanded, and was able to articulate to each side why it was in their interests to settle the case.

"I know that my clients join me in thanking Mr. Levy for his outstanding efforts, and I am confident that [opposing counsel], would agree with our favorable assessment of Mr. Levy as our Mediator."

Adam Siegler, Esq.
Siegler & Sexton LLP

"What our clients and I appreciated is that you honestly assessed the situation and did not try to persuade our clients about the quality of the plaintiff's case. Mediators often try to convince parties that there is a substantial risk of liability, when the risk can be quite small. Instead, you simply argued the practicalities of the situation, which was an honest and logical approach to take, and one we fully endorse.

"On behalf of our clients, we very much appreciated your efforts and the approach you took. We would be happy to use your services again should the opportunity arise."

Curtis A. Graham, Esq.
Rutter Hobbs & Davidoff
Incorporated, Lawyers

"The fact that you drove to the construction site and walked every inch of the retaining wall with the parties forced them to focus on the key problems which occurred during the course of this project.

"I also believe that your preparation prior to arriving at the site was extremely important. It was obvious that you had really studied the briefs that were submitted by the parties, as well as the technical documents, and were totally prepared to discuss the intricacies of this particular case. In addition, your background with regard to resolving insurance-related disputes was vital. My client had not really appreciated the part that insurance coverage would play. In this particular case, there was a rather large deductible combined with some other nuances in the policy which obviously affected the amount of the offer. You were able to explain in unambiguous terms the manner in which the defendant was approaching settlement of this case.

"The bottom line is that your tireless efforts during the course of the day really paid off. Every time there was a potential loss of momentum, you pushed both sides to continue negotiating until we reached a successful conclusion. I know that each of the parties, as well as their counsel, felt that you not only earned your fees but made the resolution of the case possible. You are truly a "paragon of excellence" when it comes to mediating legal disputes."

Marvin L. Benson, Esq.

"I wish to once again thank you for the assistance you rendered in the settlement of this matter. It was a case that clearly should have been settled and with your patience and understanding, I believe all parties concerned went away satisfied with the outcome, which is the optimum in settlement negotiations.

"You may rest assured that I will be delighted to utilize your services in any mediations or arbitrations in the future and will certainly recommend you to all counsel with whom I come in contact, whether they be on the plaintiff's or the defendant's side, because your fairness and impartiality are an asset to both sides.

"It is refreshing indeed to work with a neutral such as yourself who is capable of gaining the confidence of all parties."

James R. Tweedy, Esq.
Law Offices of James R. Tweedy

"Mr. Levy was extremely effective and courteous throughout the four sessions of the mediation. His knowledge and approach resolved the case."

Vincent Fish, Esq.

"I would not hesitate to use Mr. Levy as a mediator in any future matters."

Gerald Fink, Esq.

"Mr. Levy helped us resolve the matter."

Sanford Rogers, Esq.

"The parties were very hostile. Mr. Levy did an excellent job maintaining composure and impartiality."

Carol Hamilton, Esq.

"Mr. Levy was very professional and helpful."

Jeffrey Schuller, Esq.

"Levy was an excellent mediator."

Philip Bloeser
Bollington, Stilz, Bloeser & Curry

"[Len Levy] was professional, capable and skilled! Very definitely would recommend him again."

William J. Rose, Esq.

"Leonard Levy was very attentive and fair with both parties...[He] got both parties to agree based upon the feelings and facts of both parties."

Jeanette B., party

"Thank you for your commitment to bring this injustice to fruition....Again, I want to personally thank you for your hard work and sacrifice."

Stephanie M., party

"Very much appreciated the mediator's willingness to stay late on a Friday evening to complete the settlement."

Joan Mack, Esq.

"Mr. Levy was terrific as a mediator and ended up engineering a highly creative means of resolving this lawsuit. [He] took a very practical, creative approach to a difficult situation and brought the parties to a successful resolution."

Daniel B. Spitzer, Esq.

"Very good neutral."

Stanley C. Franklin, Esq.