Mediated Settlements


Dispute between purchaser and seller of a manufacturing business including claims of breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, and offsetting claim for amounts due under a note, two parties, $125,000.00.

Dispute between purchaser and manufacturer of clothing, including claims of breach of contract, two parties, $89,500.00.

Collection action involving claims of defective goods and Commercial Code issues, two parties, $57,000.00

Alleged fraudulent transfer of real estate to avoid judgment execution, four parties, $47,000.00

Dispute between recreational facilities manager and operator of the facility, for an accounting of funds and offsetting claim for salary due, two parties, $35,000.00.

Contractual dispute between purchaser and seller of video tapes, including claims of conversion and fraud, two parties, $31,500.00.

Dispute over amount due for delivery of flowers to flower business, two parties, $14,000.00


Claim for recovery of unpaid contract balances involving issues of change orders, extras claimed, delay damages, and subcontractor and surety liability issues, six parties, $700,000.00

Construction dispute including claims of defective and substandard work as well as cross complaint for amounts due under construction contract, two parties, each claiming in excess of $140,000.00.

Construction dispute in the context of a Mechanics Lien foreclosure action, including claims for extra work and delay, two parties, $135,000.00

Construction dispute between owner-builder and geotechnical engineering consultant alleging professional negligence, two parties, $60,000.00

Claim for repair of defective construction and offsetting claims for amounts due under a construction contract. Includes claim on surety bond, three parties, $26,000.00


Interpleader action by insurance company regarding life insurance proceeds, including claims that the beneficiaries were involved in killing the insured, four parties, $188,000.00

Claim under an insurance policy for damages to home as a result of the Northridge Earthquake, carrier claiming that the damages were preexisting, two parties, $200,000.00.

Claim under an insurance policy for damages to home as a result of the Northridge Earthquake, and for bad faith, two parties, $175,000.00.

Claim against insurance company, agency, and motor vehicle dealer for breach of oral contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and negligence in connection with the claimed coverage for theft of a motorcycle, five parties, $12,000.00.

Real Estate/Landlord-Tenant

Dispute between homeowners and film producer for emotional distress, trespass and damages to residence claimed to be caused by explosions set off during the filming of a motion picture, two parties, $1,140,000.00

Dispute between purchaser and seller of real property and seller's real estate agent, based on claims of fraud, three parties, $500,000.00

Dispute between landlord and tenant who claimed constructive eviction, two parties, $107,000.00

Dispute between homeowners' association and owner for damages and expungement of lien based on allegations of negligence, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and breach of contract, three parties, $45,000.00 with claimed $18,000 offset.

Commercial tenancy dispute involving claims of abandonment of tenancy, and rent due, two parties, $30,000.00.

Personal Injury

Claim of food poisoning against market and food supplier, three parties, $500,000.00

Claim by tenant against landlord for personal injuries claimed to be suffered as a result of the landlord's allowing molds and mildew to build up in the residence, four parties, $350,000.00

Injuries, including broken hip, to elderly woman alleged to have been incurred through the negligence of a professional caregiver in failing to supervise plaintiff, three parties, $250,000.00

Slip and fall by 80 year old woman at a department store causing a fracture, torn ligaments, and bruises, two parties, $150,000.00.

Injuries to a customer at a car repair facility when a pit bull entered the waiting area and attacked claimant, biting him on his calf, thigh and abdomen causing profuse bleeding, and ultimately scarring, four parties, $65,000.00.

Claimed injuries by nursing home resident who suffered a broken hip, two parties, $50,000.00.

Slip and fall in a department store as a result of an alleged defect in a shopping cart which fell on plaintiff's leg, causing ligament and joint damage, two parties, $43,000.00.

Serious head and nerve injuries suffered when structure at a swap meet collapsed, two parties, $37,500.00.

Assault, broken knee, bruising, arising out of fight at a commercial establishment, four parties, $22,000.00